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Lately, every time we open a news portal there’s a story about how some famous person, usually a known female influencer, has earned millions by selling nude photos.   

Is this really true? And how many people like that exist? Is it really that easy to earn money from adult content? Where do you go when you want to sell nudes? Do you have to be famous to earn from nudes, or can everyone make extra income from this? So many questions arise regarding this topic, so let’s find some answers. 

The first place to  look are content sharing platforms. The new type of social media has gained popularity because influencers started looking for an easier way to earn money for their content. 

Now here’s the tricky part: If you want to share your nudes, which are  categorized as adult content, you can’t do it on every content sharing platform. Especially because all main platforms and Social Media sites have distanced themselves from adult content in the past year. 

So the first rule of selling nudes is: find adult content sharing platforms. 

Once you’ve chosen one, more important questions arise:  How to start?  What should you do? Do you need a huge following? Do you need to have some experience in the adult industry?

Here is some valuable advice from girls who are working on adult content sharing platforms. 

1. Choose a platform that is going to  help bring traffic to your profile 


If you are a beginner in the adult industry, or you don’t have a huge social media following, you can still earn money by selling nudes and talking to Fans. You just  need to choose a platform that will do marketing and bring traffic directly to your profile.

in nature, she wears leather pants and a leather jacket without a halter, showing her breasts

2. Be active!

Fans are not just interested in your nudes. They want to know you. Content sharing platforms are more than just people paying for naked pictures. Create a lot of different content.  There is a connection between fans and creators, and that’s why these long term relationships are very lucrative for Creators. Be active and let Fans unlock your privacy. 

3. Feel free to talk to Fans

Here is what one girl from has to say about this:  “Talking to Fans is not that hard, just let your imagination go wild. It’s easier than talking to guys who are writing in your DM on social media. Here, there’s nothing to get worked up about, you both know what terms you’re on, and why you are here.”

5. Be patient, the money will come

Tyne is a cam girl who decided to switch to an adult content sharing platform, because of the income:  “ Only one in a million is earning a million dollars. But if you want to know, I’m happy with the money I am earning. People who want to earn by selling nudes need to be aware of how it works. They shouldn’t be discouraged by fake stories.  The start is always slow, but it’s the same in every industry. I’ve been  on 4fans for two months, and I earn an average of 6000 EUR per payout.  It’s not a milion, but it’s more than I was making as a cam girl, and my income is only going up. My favorite thing on this platform is that you can get paid out in crypto currency. So when someone asks me what I do for a living, and I don’t want to give the exact answer I just say : I trade in crypto.” 

In conclusion: You can earn money by selling nudes, no matter how many followers you have on social media, even if you don’t have prior experience in the adult industry. It’s important to find the right adult content sharing platform, be active and patient, and the money will come.


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